Reach Hitters is a specialist Social Media Management agency providing high quality results for all media channels

Reach Hitters is a specialist Social Media Management agency providing high quality results for all media channels

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We drive brand awareness and increase sales through the effective management and engagement of your target markets.

By working closely with you towards your goals we will create amazing content, manage your media costs and increase your web traffic and boost sales.

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Social Media

Social Media is at the centre of modern business marketing. It's not just about posting, its more about engagment.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long term project.  The skill is experience in creating content to meet your company vision and goals.


The key is a clear and focused strategy to deliver results.  We work with you to create a cutom plan bespoke to your company.

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We have the expertise to ensure we create valuable and high quality content that will stand the test of time.  Content that will attract, engage and deliver results in line with an agreed strategy.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Current and relevant posts published daily across all of your social media channels. 

We utilise a mixture of bespoke along with relevant industry relevant sourced content to ensure high visability. 

 A mixture of carefully planned campaigns and reactive content ensures interaction with your audience and potential buisness partners.

Both organic and paid content allows for focused and directed campaigns aligned to your current, future activities and business growth.

Value-Driven Content Creation

Get detailed content marketing strategies and delivery plans. Identify content for every stage in your funnel. Post targeted goal-driven content, regularly.

Creating and distributing valuable unique content is at the heart of a solid digital marketig strategy. 

Using a combination of unique text, images and video aligned to specific goals changes the way people think about products or brands.

We manage this by creating engaging messgaes that both teaches and entertains the reader. This way we can add value to the experience beyond normal expectations.



content creation
focused campaigns

Conversion-Focused Campaigns

Produce content that increases customer interest and engagement. Establish your expertise, build relationships between B2B businesses, connect with consumers. Develop meaningful long-term conversions.

Without a strategy, you might be posting on social media platforms for the sake of posting. Without understanding what your goals are, who your target audience is, and what they want, it’ll be hard to achieve results on social media.

If you want to grow your brand through social media developing a social media marketing strategy is essential.

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Strategic Planning:  A social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and achieve on social media.  We work with you to create the plan so every post, reply, like and comment should serve a purpose.


Community building:  We build a community around your brand and shared interests.  Then we communicate to them through social media. We do this by communicating with the influencers, customers and prospects, so they will then interact with you.


Content development:  We produce great content daily on all your social media channels.  This is designed to engage, enlighten and fascinate your audience.  Good social media content needs to be consistent and in line with the planned strategy.  Increasing content reach using images, infographics, videos, blog posts, etc. at the right times and the right channels.


Social media monitoring:  Social media monitoring is listening out for social media conversations that are relevant to your brand.  We use social media monitoring for several reasons.  Such as to connect with your customers, to measure your social media reach, or to understand your relevant social media trends.  We use a variety of ‘listening’ tools to collect social mentions and track keywords, hashtags, and URLs that consistent with the planned strategy.


Social profile management:  A well maintained, relevant and updated social profile is key to relevant engagement.  We maintain your profiles with consistent messaging and update accordingly.


Reporting and analysis:  The only way to truly measure your social media strategy is through structured analytics.  We have invested in some incredible tools to produce detailed reports for you.  This is so much more than just recording impressions, conversions, likes or clicks.  We track things such as reach v impression, hashtag analysis, engagement by post and follower and social referral traffic, plus much more.

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